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How To Use Use Pizza Dough Trays

Although pizza dough trays have been used for many years, there are still many pizza operators using sheet pans, dough retarders and individual pizza dough tins or pans. We often are asked about the suggested use for DoughMate® pizza dough trays. DoughMate® pizza dough trays are used for storing pizza dough balls, transporting pizza dough balls and proofing pizza dough balls.

After cleaning your new DoughMate® pizza dough trays the pizza dough maker places the pizza dough balls in the pizza dough tray evenly spaced. You can use 8 oz. pizza dough balls, 10 oz. pizza dough balls or larger pizza dough balls. Once the pizza dough balls are placed, the loaded DoughMate® pizza dough tray should be put in the cooler to allow the pizza dough balls to quickly cool to a temperature to stop the dough from proofing or rising. This is done by cross stacking the DoughMate® pizza dough trays to allow cold air to flow to the pizza dough balls. Once the pizza dough balls are at the proper temperature, the trays are 'down stacked' or nested all in the same orientation, to the now airtight and dust tight position.

DoughMate® pizza dough trays nest/stack within each other they make their own rack. The pizza dough balls can now rest for up to six days depending on the recipe and if kept at the proper temperature. Because no two pizza operators make their pizza dough the same, you have to experiment with your pizza dough to optimize the proper storage temperature and shelf life.

Now that you have your pizza dough balls made and stored, you can remove the DoughMate® pizza dough trays from the cooler a few hours before using the dough balls and bring them to the 'make ready' areas. The pizza dough balls should be at room temperature before making the actual pizza crust. Once again, proofing time depends on personal taste and style on how long the pizza dough ball needs to be at room temperature.

Once the DoughMate® pizza dough tray is empty, it is cleaned, and the cycle starts all over again.

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