About Us

DoughMate ® pizza dough trays are preferred by pizza-making professionals in the USA and abroad for the storage and proofing of pizza dough balls.  Our pizza dough proofing boxes are used in all pizza operations, from single and multi-store operations to commissary systems, where they also serve as dough ball transportation trays.  DoughMate® has been the global leader in dough ball handling solutions for more than 25 years and have a variety of other products like carts and dough cutters to assist pizza chefs.

DoughMate® pizza dough trays are sturdy and reusable, making them cost effective over other pizza dough proofing boxes and packaging methods such as corrugated containers.  Our trays are lightweight, durable, easy to clean and more efficient to use than individual pizza dough tins or sheet pans.  Our trays can hold pizza dough balls in almost any size configuration and we also offer pizza dough cutters to help you shape the dough the way you want.

DoughMate® pizza dough trays nest within each other and eliminate the need for racks.  Our pizza dough proofing boxes are dust free and airtight when nested making them perfect for both proofing and storage.

DoughMate® pizza dough trays are manufactured from high impact FDA certified thermoplastic materials and therefore do not splinter and crack like competing fiberglass trays.  Our dough proofing boxes, dough carts, cutters and other products are manufactured by Madan Plastics Inc. of Cranford, New Jersey and proudly made in America.

How To Use Pizza Dough Trays

Use of our DoughMate® pizza dough trays represents an advance over the use of sheet pans, retarders and individual pizza dough tins or pans.  We are often asked about the suggested uses for DoughMate® pizza dough trays, and we recommend their use for storing, transporting and proofing pizza dough balls.

After cleaning of the DoughMate® tray, the dough maker typically places the pizza dough balls evenly spaced in the tray.  Dough balls of 8 or 10 ounces are easily accommodated, and larger balls may fit comfortably as well.  After placement, the loaded trays should be placed in a cooler to allow the dough balls to quickly cool to prevent the dough in the box from proofing or rising.  This is best done by cross-stacking the DoughMate® trays to allow cold air to flow to the pizza dough balls.  Once the dough balls cool to the proper temperature, the trays can be ‘down stacked’ or nested all in the same orientation, to the airtight and dust tight position.

The stacked trays fit within one another to form a rack.  The pizza dough balls can now remain in this position for up to six days depending on the recipe and if kept at proper temperature.  We suggest you experiment with your dough ball storage to optimize temperature and shelf life.

With the pizza dough balls made and stored, the DoughMate® trays can be removed from the cooler a few hours before using the dough balls to bring them to the ‘make ready’ areas.  The dough balls should be at room temperature before the pizza crust is made, with the amount of proofing time depending on personal taste.

After use, the DoughMate® trays are easily cleaned to start the pizza dough proofing cycle over again.