Standard Dough Tray – Model #CPT-7D


5 Pack

Note: UPS calculates shipping rates based on Weight and Carton Size.  The 5 Pk carton for standard Dough Trays is considered oversized and therefore cost extra.  For orders greater than 50 dough pans, (10 Ctn.) please call and we will recalculate your order…typically shipped on pallets.

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Are you looking for dough trays for your pizza restaurant? DoughMate®manufactures pans for pizza dough proofing and storage.Our unique pizza dough proofing tray can help you create perfect pizzas and save money! The DoughMate® Standard Tray CPT -7 is designed and engineered to use for years of use without cracking and breaking and is manufactured from FDA materials and is BPA free. Our quality is unprecedented and that is why large pizza chains and independent operators, domestic and international alike, rely on DoughMate® dough trays as their choice for their dough proofing, transportation, and storage.

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Additional information

Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 19 × 17 in


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